LKJ InternationalNothing is Impossible

What We Provide

We are a full service Marketing, Modelling and PR network and we work with some of the world’s leading multinational brands.

We’re in the business of making people fall in love with our clients’ products and services. Through our high value network and knowledge of the UAE environment we are the leading company to establish and grow the worlds most iconic brands.

We set out to deliver brands high value growth, and what better place to grow than in the world’s most iconic malls such as the famous Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, and those in the Qatar and Saudi Arabia shopping havens.

Most importantly, we are able to bring global brands into the UAE region by securing them prime locations and managing supply chain and distribution.

Three Core Divisions

LKJ Consulting

Establishing multinational luxury brands within the GCC countries.

Providing consulting and all facets of supply chain and distribution.

LKJ Marketing

Our brand ambassadors provide modelling, marketing and PR to ensure the brands are launched and achieve the maximum PR in the region.

LKJ So Soulier

Handmade luxury designed shoes will soon be available in stores throughout the GCC region.

Our Story

LKJ International has grown from a start-up marketing agency in Dubai to a global creative communications company headquartered in Dubai and NYC. LKJ is part of the Trajan Group, a large holding group that owns many diverse companies across a range of industry sectors. LKJ is wholly owned by four ladies who are entrepreneurs in the region, the ladies are the LKJ brand.

LKJ International has recently launched the very successful So Soulier luxury shoe range appearing in high end retail outlets across MENA.

Who We Are

Catherine is a well known entrepreneur in Dubai for building a hugely successful consultancy firm – and for recently launching a luxurious shoe line already popular with fashionistas and socialites.

Daughters Laura, Kayleigh and Jennifer are becoming names in their own right in the UAE and the US for modelling, new business launches and a go-getting attitude. Multinational brands have expressed interest in using the girls, and now they’re getting ready to step into the media limelight!

Catherine is also CEO of Trajan Consulting, owner of LKJ International, and co-creator of the So Soulier shoe brand.

We believe passionately in the power of ideas to differentiate and motivate.

And to change the world for the better.