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Dubai Lifestyle Video

We’ve made a new video about our life in Dubai, also featuring So Soulier – check it out!

Press Enquiries

For all media enquiries about LKJ International or So Soulier, please contact Blowfish Media:
+971 43 744 262
+970 55 606 6641.


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More Press Coverage for So Soulier

Our Luxury shoe brand So Soulier continues to attract attention for its unique customisation options, as well as its striking designs!

Business Intelligence Middle East

Business Intelligence Middle East have published a piece highlighting our CEO Catherine Granger’s rationale for launching her own line of shoes, and explaining their unique features.

Dubai City Guide

Meanwhile, Dubai City Guide have written about So Soulier’s launch in GCC and Catherine’s passion for footwear!

Press Enquiries

For all media enquiries about LKJ International or So Soulier, please contact Blowfish Media:
+971 43 744 262
+970 55 606 6641.


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So Soulier

Dubai expat foursome set for entrepreneurial fame for successfully launching luxury shoe brand So Soulier and other successful business ventures across the region.

A Dubai family of four glamorous females – LKJ International – is set to be the Middle East’s answer to the Kardashians after being asked to get involved with a well-known US network to discuss their entrepreneurial business ventures and lavish Dubai lifestyle

In April the foursome is heading out to the swanky Hamptons area of New York for publicity photo-shoots and to meet up with other celebrities as they prepare for the public eye.

The hugely successful family own a Marketing and Communication company called LKJ International. A brand synonymous with bringing luxury brands to the region, and taking care of all facets of their business from Marketing through to supply chain and distribution.

Entrepreneurial mother Catherine is well known in Dubai for building a hugely successful consultancy firm – and for recently launching a luxurious shoe line already popular with fashionistas and socialites

Daughters Laura, Kayleigh and Jennifer, are becoming names in their own right in the UAE and the US for modelling, new business launches and a go-getting attitude. Other multinational brands have also expressed interest in using the girls to promote their brands. And now they are getting ready to hit the media limelight!

The Supermum

Catherine (49) is CEO of Trajan Consulting, owner of LKJ International modelling firm, and creator of the So Soulier shoe brand.

Like most women I have a passion for shoes. I decided that as a hobby I would try and design my own.

Having been a keen wearer of some of the worlds most iconic designs and brands I wanted to create something unique yet elegant.

I wanted something that represented my style and decided on a sole that was different, I then decided to have designs in tartan in different vibrant colours finished with a high gloss finish, the soles of my shoes come in many different colours and patterns always with a durable high gloss finish.

My other idea was to create something that women would find is unique and very personal to them. I then designed personalised shoes. Ladies can have their names in different colours on the soles, when we sit the name is visible on the sole. I have worn my shoes all over the world and have been asked many times where they can be purchased.

My idea was to provide handmade luxury and of course stylish but very comfortable to the wearer.

I did extensive quality checks on the shoes over a two year period, I gave them to friends and family and listened intently to their feedback, what’s more important than listening to ensure I satisfy my clients!

So here we have my brand So Soulier made with love and passion, I hope you enjoy my shoes.

(Design patents pending)


The Creative Dreamer

Laura (23) is a marketing entrepreneur, model, sometimes a dork, a bit daring, plays the drums and loves dancing. She’s creative, yet down-to-earth and has an adventurous spirit.

The Sassy Snowboarder

Kayleigh (20) is a professionally qualified snowboard instructor, is into sport, drama, and plays the clarinet. She is also studying criminal justice and involved in the family business, as well as modelling.

The Quirky Fashionista

Jennifer (17) is a marketing student, an entrepreneur and model, and a real social butterfly. She loves fashion and has her own quirky style – she’s eccentric, unique, and adores animals.

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